remarkable geothermal design 

There are a many alternatives in designing a geothermal system.

Our purpose in design, is to keep a constant ground temperature throughout the year, in order to succeed a

high coefficient of performance on the ground source heat pump.  


The following factors affect the performance:

a. design basis. Heating or cooling loads

b. the building's internals (fan coils, radiators, duct system or underfloor piping system, even VRV units)

c. the undisturbed ground surface temperature (incl. water temperature circulation on the ground loop)

d. the impact on heat pump's performance due to ground temperature disturbance


Water well loop system installation standards

Our open loop systems are distinguished due to the following equipment that comes as a standard option within our geothermal systems


  • Water well designed on large diameters in order to reinject and eliminate blockage due to particle contamination

  • Our water wells are installed with river shingles that succeed better performance as a filtering medium

  • Our submersible pump comes with cooling jacket in order to cool down the motor sufficiently and avoid overcharge damages

  • Depending on the application we install a soft start system on the submersible pump.  The inverter application is optional.

  • Open loop systems come with COAXIAL HEAT EXCHANGERS to eliminate blockage and large pressure drop on the system.  There is a Cu/Ni option.

  • We install a hydro cyclone in all of our projects to eliminate blockage on piping systems

  • We install flow switches as a standard option in our installations

  • Zinc protextion on the submersible pump is optional

  • Water availability monitoring system

  • Pressure well monitoring system



​Closed loop system installation standards

Regardless the type of closed loop we are installing, herein are some of our standard equipment in installation


  • We carry out a Thermal Response test in order to evaulate the heat transfer of the borehole and we redegin and re-evaluate the borehole system

  • Inverter ground source pumping stations

  • Glycol monitoring system (if glycol is installed)

  • Pressure testing prior borehole grouting

  • Flashing and purging of the system

  • Flow switch installation in order to monitor the flow on the heat pump

  • Flow regulators

  • Grouting based materials on enhanced bentonite grout

  • We always use powder 99.9% Silica Sand in our grouting mixtures that helps in heat transfer

Ground source heat pumps installation standards

Depening on the type of the system, we either install a coaxial or plate and frame type heat exchanger.  The latter one, comes with closed loop systems and it is sufficient in systems without propelene glycol installations.  In most other cases we install coaxial type ground source heat pumps.  Coaxial type ground source heat pumps are more expensive than the plate and frame ones.  However, they appear to be the most desirable choice when comes to open loop systems.


  • Our heat pumps come with standard option the TXV

  • The drier component to eliminate moisture

  • The scroll type compressors

  • Compressor floating base, in order  to eliminate vibration

  • Compressore blanket

  • 4 way reversing valve (heating and cooling heat pump).

  • A desuperheater option installed as standard in plate and frame heat pumps whereas there is an specific availability in coaxil type heat pumps

  • Comercial units come with single stage compressor up to 50KW whereas two stage compressors above 50KW

  • Residential units come with two stage compressor units in all models

  • Plate and frame ground source heat pumps are automated using Carel controllers, whereas the coaxial units come with a UPM protection module and the Bacnet or Lonworks network connection as an option


Overall geothermal system design

Our systems could combine slinky, conical and vertical borehole loops in one single design.  The production of domestic hot water could be combined with the desuperheat option as well as with solar panels.  Heat storage could be also included, provided that there is a source availble to reject heat to the ground.  Pool heating could also be suceeded via geothermal heat pumps, either by rejecting heat to the pool or installing an single unit for this purpose only.  


There are heat pumps available that could reach 60 degrees Celcius in order to be connected with radiators in residential applications.  There is also an availability of heating or cooling heat pumps.

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